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Hawai'i Island VOAD are administered by a small set of volunteers who rely on collaboration with its joining resources.


Please feel free to CONTACT US.


Emergency Disaster Organization Networking.


Emergency Aid with ease.


Foster effective delivery of emergency resources by fostering cooperation, communication, coordination, mitigation and collaboration.


Share our Materials, Money and Muscles.



HIVOAD are made up of committed participants serious in humanitarian aid and deliverables that exalt the ALOHA SPIRIT in time of large scale crisis, like disasters.

Most are committed primarily due to personal experiences that led to a more compassionate, caring and loving approach in time of others in need.  We combine our passion to deliver our Purpose, Vision, Goal and Mission.

Ekomomai, and embrace in a more heart felt experience ever.


My first experience with HIVOAD is how individuals, representing themselves, as a group or organization and government agencies sat and shared who they are, what they bring to the table, their capacity and what their needs are.  The expedition deliveries to address immediate request was met with impeccable results.

L. Hauanio (AONHH)


My participation before, during and after a catastrophic event, like the Kilauea Eruption in Leilani Estate, allowed me to expand and grow my resources through collaboration with the many individuals, groups, organizations and agencies who went far an beyond the call of their duties to help those Hawaii's communities in need.

P. Walters, PhD (ATH)

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